Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

For Members

I agree that I have received a signed copy of my membership agreement.

For Conference/Event Rentals

Building Use Policies

  • Revolution at 800 (Revolution) shall have first priority on facility use and may cancel any agreement on any facility by giving notice 72 hours prior to the event if Revolution determines that it must use the facility for a function directly related to the goals, purpose, objectives and needs of Revolution.
  •  Any and all communications with the public by the user shall clearly identify the nature of the activity and the sponsoring organization.
  •  Users must guarantee Revolution that the activity is legal, that behavior will be orderly, and that the users will pay for any damages due to their use of the premises or equipment.  Users shall be held responsible for the preservation of order.  Illegal use or doubtful legal use will be determined by Revolution.  Inaccurate or untruthful statements made in rental applications or violation(s) of the building use policy Result in permanent cancellation of the organization's use of Revolution, as well as, re-payment of any damage or liability incurred. 
  •  Reservations with Revolution must be made at least two days in advance for Saratoga/Bunker Hill Conference Rooms, and one week in advance for the Yorktown Training Room/Event Space unless other terms have been discussed.
  •  Revolution will take reservations up to twelve weeks out from the event.
  •  If your event takes place after the business hours listed, a certificate of insurance listing “800 Polk LLC” as the insured must be presented to the Revolution at least 3 days prior to use of the facility. Failure to provide insurance on time will result in immediate cancellation.
  •  Revolution may not be rented for use past 12:00 midnight.
  •  Revolution will not alter facilities for the purpose of rental.
  •  There shall be no Sunday rental of Revolution facilities.
  •  The snacks, coffee, and drinks in the kitchenette area are for members only. You may purchase “beverage service” in addition to your rental. Any use of these resources without prior consent will result in additional fees to cover the cost of supplies.
  •  A Revolution employee may/may not be present at all times during the term of the rental. If no Revolution employee is present:

-Depending on your set up needs, the community manager may require that you do a walk-through before your event takes place

-If you need set up time, your reservation must include the set up time. 

-The person/persons making the reservation will receive an access code to access the facility for the time reserved. This code will expire after the time of reservation.

-Any audio/video equipment used must be turned off when done and remotes returned to original location.

-Any furniture that was used/moved must be returned to original location.

-All trash must be picked up and thrown away in the proper receptacle.

-All lights in the facility must be turned off.

-Please check that the door is locked after the last person leaves the facility.

-A Revolution employee will be reachable via cell-phone for questions/emergencies.

  •  No smoking or use of tobacco products is permitted in Revolution facilities.  No controlled substances of any type will be permitted in any Revolution facility or on Revolution grounds.
  •  Extra charges may be assessed for equipment use other than tables and chairs.
  •  Any equipment malfunction at Revolution will not automatically result in any refunds to the lessee.
  •  A rental agreement must be signed by the primary user and total payment for all charges must be received at least two days prior to the date of facility use.  Rental agreements are not transferable.
  •  Putting up decorations or scenery, attaching materials to walls or moving furniture is prohibited unless special permission is granted by Revolution.
  •  Nothing shall be sold, given, exhibited, or displayed without permission of Revolution.
  •  Revolution staff shall have free access to all rooms at all times.
  •  Any room used by the user shall be examined carefully after use and the user shall agree to rectify promptly any loss or damage occurring during the user’s use of the facilities.
  •  The group hosing the event is responsible for the clean-up, returning all furniture and equipment to the correct location.
  •  Revolution reserves the right to revoke permission to use facilities when such use conflicts with Revolution Policies, Mission, programs or activities.
  •  If additional personnel or security are determined to be needed, additional fees will be assessed.
  •  Any organization using the facilities must agree to hold the employees of Revolution harmless from any cause or action resulting from the use of said premises.
  •  Cancellation – Cancellation in writing is required not less than 48 hours in advance of usage for refund.  Cancellations received with less than the required notice will forfeit advance fees.